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Spyglass Initiative


To read more about the Spyglass Initiative - start here


Getting started with Spyglass - read the blog here


MapR Management and Monitoring


The MapR Converged Data Platform offers comprehensive management and monitoring of all three key components of a converged big data cluster:

  • Infrastructure - Nodes, Topologies

  • Applications - YARN Applications, MapReduce Jobs
  • Data - Volumes, Tables, Streams


Management Interfaces


MapR provides three interfaces for users to manage and administer MapR clusters -  the MapR Control System GUI, a command-line interface called 'maprcli', and a programmatic API. Each method has unique capabilities, allowing users to pick the best tool for the task they need to perform.


The MapR Control System (MCS) GUI is ideal for:

  • Interactive Monitoring & Dashboards

  • Configuration & Maintenance - Nodes, User Permissions, Services

  • Data Provisioning - Volumes, Tables

The MapR command line tools (maprcli) is ideal for:

  • Power users, shell scripts

  • Monitoring - status, statistics, alarms

  • Data Provisioning - Volumes, Tables

The MapR API (HTTP/REST) is ideal for:

  • Automation & third-party integration

  • Monitoring - status, statistics, alarms

  • Data Provisioning - Volumes, Tables


The MCS includes several key features for making the administration, troubleshooting and management of tasks easier for the user.  This includes the ability to look at "heatmaps" to pinpoint activity in the cluster.  More information on the MCS is available on the MCS Overview Page.


All of the MapR management features are also available on the MapR Sandbox.


Third Party Integration


MapR provides open, documented interfaces to integrate with popular third-party tools, allowing customers to manage and monitor their MapR environment alongside other applications of infrastructure components.  These integrations include:

  • Ganglia
  • Nagios
  • Graphite
  • OpenTSDB


Have you integrated MapR with another tool?  Let us know by commenting on this document.


MapR Documentation, Release Notes and Other Resources



Consult the Administrator's Guide for a starting point when working with management interfaces in MapR.  Other sections of the documentation are also contain information on specific topics:

Release Notes


Here are the Release Notes for the MCS component included in the MapR Converged Data Platform.


Blog Posts

Consult the following blog posts for hands-on examples with MapR management interfaces to accomplish specific tasks and projects:




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