[MapR Talk] NoSQL design and development with HBase

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This session will help you get a jump start on NoSQL design and development with HBase. We’ll start with a quick overview of HBase, the HBase data model, and its architecture. We will discuss some real world examples of how you can design, build and deploy NoSQL solutions. Using several use cases we will discuss application architecture and offer guidelines for good schema design.


This session will cover: An introduction to the HBase data model and HBase architecture, understanding how the data flows for writes and reads, schema design concepts for HBase Row key Design, unique attributes and Intelligent keys. We will also discuss how to avoid Hotspotting i.e. Comparison of relational schema design verses Hbase, De-Normalization, Nested Entities, Use cases and data access patterns


KEYWORDS: NoSQL, HBase, Schema Design, Use Cases


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