[MapR Talk] Malware Detection Using Spark

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The IT environment is rapidly changing: new technology stacks emerge every year that serve billions of people worldwide. However, many of these new technologies have not been thoroughly tested, and as a result, they have been targeted by malware writers. Target and eBay may just be the tip of the iceberg in terms of massive data breaches.


Technology may be advancing at a breakneck pace, but so has the advancement of malware and advanced persistent threats (APT). Given the large number of threat types, signature-based detection is a limited solution. The good news is that big data and automated machine learning technologies are also rapidly advancing. We are now at the start of the new era where big data and machine learning can potentially stop zero-day attacks.


In this talk, we will review security software and big data technologies such as Spark that can work together in order to prevent perennial malware attacks.


KEYWORDS: Data Science, Security, Machine Learning, Spark


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