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MapR Academy Essentials

These free, on-demand courses offer training on a range of big data and MapR Converged Data Platform concepts for developers, data analysts, and administrators. These courses provide the foundation for more advanced courses in MapR Academy Pro, and are designed to be flexible to meet the demands of your schedule. 


EssentialsBig Data Essentials

ESS 100 – Introduction to Big Data  

ESS 101 – Apache Hadoop Essentials 

ESS 102 – MapR Converged Data Platform Essentials 




AdministratorAdministrator Essentials

ESS 200 – MapR Administration Essentials






DeveloperDeveloper Essentials

ESS 300 – MapReduce Essentials

ESS 330 – MapR-DB Essentials

ESS 350 – MapR Streams Essentials

ESS 360 – Apache Spark Essentials



Data AnalystData Analyst Essentials

ESS 400 – Apache Drill Essentials

ESS 440 – Apache Hive Essentials

ESS 450 – Apache Pig Essentials





MapR Academy Pro

Academy Pro on-demand courses offer advanced training on a range of big data and MapR Converged Data Platform concepts, targeted to developers, data analysts, and administrators. These courses are part of the preparation required to sit for a MapR professional certification exam. The on-demand format and responsive design provide the flexibility needed to meet the demands of busy professionals. These courses are available by subscription only.  Please visit Academy Pro to learn more. 



AdministratorCluster Administrator Series

ADM 200 – Install a MapR Cluster

ADM 201 – Configure a MapR Cluster

ADM 202 – Data Access and Protection

ADM 203 – Cluster Maintenance

ADM 210 – Upgrade a MapR Cluster

ADM 212 - Cluster Performance Tuning | MapR 


DeveloperMapReduce Developer Series

DEV 300 – Build Hadoop MapReduce Applications

DEV 301 – Manage and Test Hadoop MapReduce Applications

DEV 302 – Launch Jobs and Advanced Hadoop MapReduce




DeveloperApache HBase Series

DEV 320 – Apache HBase Data Model and Architecture

DEV 321 – Apache HBase Schema Design

DEV 322 – Developing Apache HBase Applications: Basics

DEV 323 – Developing Apache HBase Applications: Advanced

DEV 324 – Apache HBase Bulk Loading, Performance, and Security


DeveloperMapR Streams Real-Time Applications Series

DEV 350 – Introduction to MapR Streams

DEV 351 – Developing MapR Streams Applications





DeveloperApache Spark Series

DEV 360 – Introduction to Apache Spark (Spark v2.1)

DEV 361 - Build and Monitor Apache Spark Applications (Spark v2.1) 

DEV 362 – Create Data Pipelines Using Apache Spark (Spark v1.6)




Data AnalystData Analyst Series

DA 400 – SQL Analytics with Apache Drill 

DA 401 – Apache Drill Performance and Debugging

DA 440 – Query and Store Data with Apache Hive

DA 450 – Transform Data with Apache Pig




MapR Certification Exams

MapR offers five Professional Certification credentials, listed below. All MapR Certification exams come with a free study guide. The fee is $250 per exam and re-takes are $100 per attempt. To download the study guides, purchase certification exams or exam re-takes, visit Academy Essentials, select the desired exam or retake, and complete the payment transaction. You will receive a code granting you access to exam registration.


If you are an Academy Pro subscriber, one certification exam attempt is included in your subscription. 


MapR Certified Cluster Administrator 5.1 (MCCA)

MapR Certified Hadoop Developer (MCHD)

MapR Certified HBase Developer (MCHBD)

MapR Certified Spark Developer 1.6 (MCSD)

MapR Certified Data Analyst 1.9 (MCDA)



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