Announcement:  MapR 6.0.1 / MEP 5.0

Blog Post created by mshah Employee on Apr 6, 2018

We’re pleased to announce the release of MapR 6.0.1 and MEP 5.0.


With the 6.0.1 release, MapR includes streaming enhancements that allow for real-time apps to be brought to market faster, more accurate analytics of IoT data, and a wider array of real-time use cases.  In MEP 5.0, major enhancements to Apache Drill 1.13 help bring performance boost for memory-intensive analytical queries.


Key Features:

MapR-ES API updates, including support for event-time timestamps, time indexing of events, event headers, and event interceptors.  Allows for more accurate analytics of data generated by IoT devices and sensors.


Spark 2.2 with Structured Streaming, allowing for more powerful stream processing capabilities, including windowing and aggregations, using the event time added in MapR-ES.


Drill 1.13

  • Drill queries against MapR-ES, allowing for interactive data exploration & ad-hoc SQL queries on data in streams.
  • Spill to disk for tables.
  • Filter pushdown for Parquet.
  • CPU limits on multiple Drill clusters in YARN.


Audit Logs Sent to Streams, letting any “listener” collect, monitor, and act on MapR audit events.


MapR-DB ReST Gateway, allowing for developers to use their preferred language to access MapR-DB JSON.


Native MapR-DB exploration via Data Science Refinery notebook.


Release Notes:

MapR Expansion Pack 5.0.0 Release Notes 

Drill Release Notes 



MEP 5.0.0 Reference Information 


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