Announcing: MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes

Blog Post created by Suzy Employee on Mar 6, 2018

Date: March 6th, 2018


We’re pleased to announce the general release of MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes. MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes provides persistent storage for containers and enables the deployment of stateful containerized applications. It provides easy and full data access from within and across clouds and on-premises deployments.



Key Features

MapR integrates with the Kubernetes storage plugin, wherein MapR volumes are mounted for access by containers.

Static Provisioning: Mount already created MapR volumes for easy access by Kubernetes.

Dynamic Provisioning: Maximize resource usage by creating volumes on-demand as and when needed by applications.

Storage Classes: Enforce SLAs using storage classes to define volume characteristics.

FlexVolume Driver with POSIX Client: Harness the performance benefits of POSIX client when mounting volumes.

Secure Data for Containers: Leverage MapR tickets to establish a secure end-to-end connection between containers and the data residing on the MapR Converged Data Platform.

Key Benefits

  • Persist and scale data with MapR as containers grow in production.
  • Easily synchronize and update applications with unified access and viewing of data, using the MapR global namespace.
  • Reduce development and deployment costs by deploying multiple tenants, isolating and sharing resources.
  • Deploy portable, smart applications using machine learning and MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes.









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