Announcing: MapR Expansion Pack (MEP) 4.1 Released

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Date: Feb 8th, 2018


We’re pleased to announce the general release of the MapR Expansion Pack (MEP) version 4.1.

MapR Expansion Packs are an expanded version of the MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP) which is a way to deliver ecosystem upgrades decoupled from core platform upgrades. This expansion means that we can also deliver some core functionality in faster way using the framework we put together for Ecosystem projects to allow you to upgrade independently of your core platform.


MEP 4.1 features new releases for Apache Drill and MapR Data Science Refinery, and Python and Java bindings for MapR-DB OJAI connector for Apache Spark.

Key Features

Apache Drill 1.12

  • Index-based query plans for queries without filters, including queries with GROUP BY, JOIN, and DISTINCT projections.
  • Ability to submit queries from the REST API when impersonation is enabled and authentication is disabled.
  • Support for NaN (Not-a-Number) and Infinity (both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE) as numeric values.
  • System options improvements, including a new internal system options table.

Release notes:

Also check out our latest Drill blog post:  Apache Drill 1.12 on MapR 6.0: Release Highlights 


Apache Spark


  • Support for Java and Python APIs for MapR-DB OJAI connector

Release notes:


MapR Data Science Refinery 1.1

  • Support for the Spark interpreter, configured to launch Spark jobs in YARN client mode
  • Enhancements in installing custom Python environments for the Livy and Spark interpreters
  • Improvements in launching multiple Zeppelin containers on the same host

Release notes:


All Ecosystem Components


MapR support for Sentry is limited to Impala users.




MEP 4.1.0:


UI Installer:

Index of /releases/installer


Release Notes




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