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Announcing: MEP 4.0 Released

Blog Post created by Rachel Silver Employee on Nov 21, 2017

Announcing: MapR Expansion Pack (MEP) 4.0 Released

Date: Nov. 21st, 2017


We’re pleased to announce the general release of the MapR Expansion Pack (MEP) version 4.0.


MapR Expansion Packs are an expanded version of the MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP) which is a way to deliver ecosystem upgrades decoupled from core platform upgrades. This expansion means that we can also deliver some core functionality in faster way using the framework we put together for Ecosystem projects to allow you to upgrade independently of your core platform.


MEP 4.0 is the first MEP for the MapR 6.0 release train and there's a lot of new content to support the new 6.0 initiatives including security enhancements for all ecosystem and feature-complete language bindings for MapR-DB OJAI.


Key Features


Security Enhancements

MEP 4.0 is designed to have security enabled with a single click. This means that most wire-level encryption and authentication for network-based connections are automatically enabled for new clusters, delivering an innovative approach to simplified security.
MapR installer has a simple Enable Security check box which will ensure that the platform and required ecosystem components are configured properly. If you're using manual install, 'configure.sh –secure' has been enhanced to enable security for platform and ecosystem at once.

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MapR Container for Developers

The MapR Container for Developers is a Docker image containing a single node MapR Deployment that includes MapR-FS, MapR-DB, MapR Event Streams and Apache Drill.
This docker image was built for developers that want to create new applications and services or simply learn more about MapR.

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MapR-DB OJAI Connector for Apache Spark: Support for DataFrames and DataSets 

The MapR-DB OJAI Connector for Apache Spark is a tool that makes it easier to build real-time or batch pipelines between your data and MapR-DB and leverage Spark within the pipeline. 

MapR previously released support for RDDs and is expanding this support now to enable in-place ML/AI & real-time analytics via native Spark Connectivity using all key Spark constructs: RDDs, DataFrames, & Datasets

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Hive support for MapR-DB JSON tables

Enables ETL & Batch processing using native Hive integration and is deployed via a new Hive storage handler on MapR-DB JSON tables. This provides the ability to use complete Hive functionality on MapR-DB JSON tables.

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Myriad Refresh: Myriad 0.2

MapR has updated the MapR-packaged version of Apache Myriad to 0.2, bringing in some bug fixes. We've added support for Myriad security, meaning all web/API endpoints are authenticated and Myriad is supported on a secure cluster. We've also added an option for Myriad to accept when Mesos offers GPUs.
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OpenStack Manila GA

MapR is officially releasing the MapR plugin for OpenStack Manila, which allows OpenStack-based clouds to provide file services to users backed by MapR storage. This plugin, combined with MapR Cloud-scale Multi-tenancy allows for sharing of a MapR platform between multiple organizations.

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Apache Drill 1.11

MapR-Drill 1.11 released with new enterprise capabilities for faster, secure and robust interactive BI analytics experience. Drill now leverages the new secondary index technology on semi-structured operational data stored in MapR-DB, the database for the world’s most data intensive applications, to speed up analytics, deliver insights and drive better decisions. Newer security features ensure protection of sensitive data as they are accessed, processed and delivered to end users. Several enhancements added to improve better handling of analytic workloads running on the system including spooling data intensive queries to disk and their management through queues.

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MapR Monitoring Updates

We have some new updates to our MapR Monitoring Stack  including the use of MapR Event Streams for security and scale.

  • Metrics are now written to MapR Streams before storing them in OpenTSDB for enhanced security & scale.
  • Additional performance metrics for MapR Volumes (throughput, latency, IOPs) are available with updated "Volume Dashboard" in Grafana
  • Updates to log stack: FluentD 0.14.2, Elasticsearch 5.4.1, Kibana 5.4.1


All Ecosystem Components (*denotes re-release)

The following is a list of components included in the MEP 4.0 release, supported for MapR 6.0.X.



MEP 4.0 Contents
Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Drill 1.11

Release Notes

Apache Hive 2.1.1*Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Flume 1.7Release NotesDocumentation
AsyncHBase 1.7Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Myriad 0.2.0Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Oozie 4.3.0Release NotesDocumentation

Apache Pig 0.16

Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Sentry 1.7Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Spark 2.1.0*Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Sqoop 1.4.6*Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Sqoop2 1.99.7*Release NotesDocumentation
HttpFS 1.0*Release NotesDocumentation
Hue 3.12*Release NotesDocumentation
Impala 2.7Release NotesDocumentation


MEP 4.0.0:

Index of /releases/MEP/MEP-4.0 

UI Installer:

Index of /releases/installer 




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