What Is Different in the Product Space?

Blog Post created by maprcommunity Employee on Jun 19, 2017

Have you noticed anything different in the Products and Services space? We hope you have! Last month we unveiled new product pages related to Open Source projects that are of interest to members in the MapR Community, such as:


- Apache Zeppelin

- Apache Apex

- ElasticSearch

- StreamSets


These spaces exist to provide an area to discuss and share expertise on products outside of the formally supported ecosystem. These pages are a result of Community interest, and we hope to drive more engagement from Community members who are committers and contributors on these projects.


What is the advantage?

Since we announced our new Product and Services pages earlier this year, we noticed a dramatic change in the community behavior: members now go directly to the product in order to search for content. The Products and Services pages have become the center stage through which all content in the community is filtered and leveraged more easily. 


Why did we choose these tools?

The initial tools selected represent the most popular projects in our Community, gauged by interest and engagement. We've attempted to evaluate which tools are being used or searched for most by our Community members and customers and what content existed already. We're doing our best to partner with the companies behind these projects and that will also allow us to expand this offering. 


How to contribute?

Products and Services leverages the content in other spaces. We encourage you to share your knowledge as a blog post, sample code, video, or other in The Exchange, making sure you use the appropriate tag for each product, so it can be automatically filtered and surfaced. 


What is next?

Tell us what tools you are interested in by voting or commenting on What other product pages would you like to see in the community?