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Announcing: MEP 1.1 Released

Blog Post created by Rachel Silver Employee on Oct 2, 2016

Release Date: Sept 30, 2016



We're pleased to announce the release of MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP) 1.1. This is the first minor release of our new MapR Ecosystem Packs process available for MapR 5.2. To learn more about the MapR Ecosystem Packs process, please read this blog announcement from August 2016:


MapR Ecosystem Packs Process    


This MEP release is driven by the release of Drill 1.8. The current Drill 1.8 version is a production release on MapR and is another important milestone signifying Drill’s steady progress. Here are the key highlights of the Drill release:


  • Integration with YARN (Available in MapR Platform only)
  • Management page to resize Drill cluster

  • Enhanced query performance
  • Monitoring via JMX and MapR Spyglass


Read more here: Apache Drill 1.8 Released on MapR Converged Data Platform | MapR 


In addition, we have patched and re-released the following components: Apache Mahout, Apache Storm, Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Hue, HttpFS, and Apache Sqoop.


Directions for upgrade

Upgrading MapR Ecosystem Packs 



Ecosystem package:
Index of /releases/MEP/MEP-1.1 


Index of /releases/installer 




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