MapR 5.2 Release is Live!

Blog Post created by akrd Employee on Aug 19, 2016

The MapR Converged Data Platform Release 5.2 provides unprecedented visibility with MapR Monitoring and adds performance improvements, security enhancements, and MapR Ecosystem Packs - a reliable and rapid way to deliver open source innovations for production environments.



Key Highlights


MapR Monitoring

MapR Monitoring, part of the Spyglass Initiative, provides the ability to collect, store, and view metrics and logs for nodes, services, and jobs/applications. Administrators can use dashboards to visualize the metrics and logs. Dashboards can be customized to include metrics across clusters and nodes. Dashboards can also be customized metrics for specific services (YARN, Drill, etc.).

For more information, see Introducing the Spyglass Initiative – How to Get Started.


MapR Ecosystem Packs

MapR Ecosystem Packs provide a reliable and rapid way to deliver open source innovations for production environments. Together, the MapR Ecosystem Packs and MapR Development Previews provide the best of both worlds—enabling developers to be on the cutting edge of community innovation and providing them with a reliable, stable, and interoperable set of ecosystem components for mission-critical production use.

For more information, see Announcing: MapR Ecosystem Packs Process and Announcing: MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP) 1.0.


MapR Performance & Reliability Improvements

MapR continues to expand its lead on being the industry's most performant and reliable big data distribution by introducing performance and reliability enhancements. Take the system for a test drive at Hadoop Download | MapR


Independent Analyst Recognized MapR-DB as Top-ranked NoSQL

  • Active/Active multi-master table replication for geo-distributed key-value and JSON tables: This feature supports table replication for JSON tables.  For more information see, JSON Tables, table , and table replica
  • Enhancement for querying JSON tables
  • Indexing MapR-DB Binary Tables with Elasticsearch. MapR-DB 5.2.0 is compatible with Elasticsearch version 2.2, which you can get from https://www.elastic.co/.


Award-Winning MapR Streams Expands Its Lead

  • Adds new administrator APIs
  • Adds support for Windows 64 and Mac client support
  • Integrates Spark with MapR Streams


For a complete list, see What's New in Version 5.2.0