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Hadoop Ecosystem Updates for MapR Platform - August 1, 2016

Blog Post created by Rachel Silver Employee on Aug 1, 2016

Release Date: August 1, 2016


We are happy to announce our monthly ecosystem update release. ECO-1607 contains updates to our releases of Apache Spark, Apache Hive, AsyncHBase libraries, Hue, Apache Oozie, Apache Pig, Apache Sqoop, and Apache Storm.


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ECO-1607 Release Features

Ecosystem Rebases:


MapR-Spark 1.6.1

GitHub - mapr/spark at 1.6.1-mapr-1607


MapR-Hive 1.2.0

GitHub - mapr/hive at 1.2.0-mapr-1607


MapR-AsyncHBase Libraries 1.7.0

GitHub - mapr/asynchbase at v1.7.0-mapr-1607


Hue 3.9.0

GitHub - mapr/hue at 3.9.0-mapr-1607

Oozie 4.2.0

GitHub - mapr/oozie at 4.2.0-mapr-1607


Pig 0.14 & 0.15

GitHub - mapr/pig at 0.14-mapr-1607

GitHub - mapr/pig at 0.15-mapr-1607


Sqoop 1.4.6

GitHub - mapr/sqoop at 1.4.6-mapr-1607


Sqoop2 1.99.6

GitHub - mapr/sqoop at 1.99.6-mapr-1607


Storm 0.10.0

GitHub - mapr/incubator-storm at 0.10.0-mapr-1607



Ecosystem package locations:




Installer location:





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