Apache Drill 1.7 (Developer Preview) now available on MapR

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Release Announcement: Apache Hadoop Ecosystem - Drill 1.7


July 7, 2016


Apache drill.jpegToday we are  excited to announce the availability of Apache Drill 1.7 developer preview on the MapR Converged Data Platform.



Drill 1.7 Release Highlights

This release introduces the following enhancements:

  • Monitoring via JMX. See Monitoring Metrics
  • Partition pruning enhancements.
  • Improved metadata query performance on Hive tables.
  • Ability to return file names as part of queries.
  • Hive CHAR data type support.
  • Improvements to MaxDir/MinDir functions.
  • Access to Drill logs in the Web UI
  • Addition of JDBC/ODBC client IP in Drill audit logs.


Release Notes

Drill 1.7 release notes


Component and System Compatibility Matrix

MapR Drill 1.7.0 is certified on the MapR v5.1.0 converged data platform. See the Interoperability Matrix pages for information about the compatibility of Drill with operating systems and ecosystem projects.


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