Drill 1.4 is now available on MapR distribution

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Release Announcement: Apache Hadoop Ecosystem - Drill 1.4


January 13, 2016


Apache Drill 1.4 is now available on MapR. This is a production ready and supported release on MapR and highly recommended for all customer deployments.


Drill 1.4 is a performance and stability focused release. The key enhancements in the release include the following.

  • Improved and optimized Tableau experience with faster Limit 0 queries
  • Metadata (INFORMATION_SCHEMA) query speed-ups on Hive schemas/tables
  • Optimized query planning and execution through enhanced partition pruning
  • Efficient caching of Parquet metadata, speeding up queries on large numbers of files
  • Improved window functions, resource usage, and performance
  • Table functions
  • Improved CSV header parsing
  • New and improved MapR Drill JDBC driver


Note: There is one backwards incompatible change when using Drills CTAS with partitioning. You must update the metadata of Parquet files generated by the prior versions of Drill (1.2 and before) to work optimally with Drill version 1.4. See and DRILL-4070


Here is more info


[1] You can download MapR RPM, ODBC and JDBC drivers:


Index of /releases/ecosystem-5.x  

Index of /releases/ecosystem-4.x

Index of /releases/ecosystem

Index of /tools/MapR-ODBC/MapR_Drill 

Index of /tools/MapR-JDBC/MapR_Drill


[2] MapR release notes: Drill 1.4.0 Release Notes - Hadoop Components -


[3] Installing Apache Drill on MapR: Installing Apache Drill on MapR - Latest Documentation - 


[4] Ecosystem support matrix: Ecosystem Support Matrix - Latest Documentation - 


[5] Installer, installer def, installer tarball and Index of /releases/installer 




Read more about the performance of Drill in the blog post  A Brief Overview of Performance Enhancements in Apache Drill 1.4 | MapR 


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