Release Announcement: MapR Release 4.1

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MapR 4.1 Now Available


Latest Release of the MapR Distribution Including Hadoop Enables the Real-Time, Data-Centric Enterprise

Advanced platform supports globally-distributed, big and fast data applications to impact business “as it happens”


This was in keeping with our theme of enabling customers to create the “As it happens business” - a shift from batch only to more of a real-time enterprise.


Key features of this release include:

  • MapR-DB Table Replication: This capability extends access to big and fast data by enabling multiple, active replica clusters across the world with real-time, asynchronous replication. Table replication also delivers real-time disaster recovery to reduce the risk of data loss upon site-wide failure. This active-active, cross-datacenter capability also enhances global application deployment for Hadoop and big data. Operational data can be stored and processed close to the users or devices, while immediately replicating all live data to a central analytics cluster in real time to enable large-scale analytics on enterprise-wide data. MapR-DB was recently recognized by an independent research firm as the highest scored NoSQL key-value database for current offering among all reviewed vendors.

Table Replication supports:

  • Continuous replication of data modifications to a table in real time
  • Full read-write access at both source and destination table
  • Load balancing and high availability of replication gateway
  • Different replication topologies
  • Replicate subset of column families or columns
  • Administration and monitoring via CLI and UI


  • C API for MapR-DB : Companies have a large number of legacy applications written in C/C++ that interact with traditional data systems. The C API for MapR-DB provides an easy mechanism for customers to extend those applications to leverage big data.  MapR-DB includes a version of libhbase, a library of asynchronous C APIs for creating and accessing Apache HBase tables. This version runs more efficiently and performs faster against MapR-DB tables and includes impersonation support.

New Ecosystem Releases in 1503 ecosystems:

  • Asynchbase  Version: 1.6.0
  • HBase Version: 98.9
  • Hue Version: 3.7.0
  • Flume  Version: 1.5.0
  • Drill 0.8

Previously Released Ecosystem Releases (Provided here for easy reference)

  • Spark 1.2.1 - Stable release for Spark 1.2
  • Oozie 4.1
  • Previously Known Incompatibilities Fixed
  • Drill 0.8 now works with HBase 0.98



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