Release Announcement - Drill 1.3 available on MapR for Developer Preview

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Release Announcement: Apache Hadoop Ecosystem - Drill 1.3


November 23, 2015


Drill 1.3 is available on MapR for Developer Preview. Note developer preview releases are for experimental usage only and not recommended for production deployments. Read more at



Highlights of this 1.3 Release

- Performance improvements for Limit 0/Limit 1 queries

- Hive table query planning improvements

- Partition pruning enhancements

- Improved query/operators profiles

- Support for CSV header parsing

- Capability to reset an SYSTEM or SESSION setting to its default
- Merge Join improvements

- Upgrade to the latest version of the Apache Parquet library

- Many more bug fixes and enhancements


Note: There is one backwards incompatible change with Drill 1.3 when using Drills CTAS with partitioning. You must change the metadata of Parquet files generated by the prior versions of Drill to work optimally with Drill version 1.3. See and DRILL-4070


Download MapR RPM


MapR release notes


Installing Apache Drill on MapR



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