Dev 301 Lab Guide Being Updated

Blog Post created by deborah Employee on Jun 2, 2016

The Hadoop common version has been updated since the DEV 301 lab guide was originally written.  Because of this, some of the lab exercises are no longer working as written with the latest MapR Sandbox.  To ensure the best experience with our on-demand training courses, we have temporarily removed the DEV 301 lab guide until it can be updated.


We will post another announcement when the updated guide is available.  Thank you for your interest in our courses!




It will likely be several more months until this course is updated.  In the meantime, here is information on accessing the old lab guide and lab files for those who are interested.  The old course is based on MapR version 4.1 with Hadoop common version 2.5.1.  You will need to make modifications to the exercises to use the currently released Sandbox - or you can try using the MapR 4.1 Sandbox (in which case the exercises should largely work as written).  Here are the relevant links - note that we are providing these for you to use at your own discretion, as we will not be supporting or updating the old course materials while the new one is in development.