Retirement party for Hadoop Essentials (HDE) courses

Blog Post created by onelson on Apr 14, 2016

Mark your calendar: the last day to take the HDE courses is April 30th! The Hadoop Essentials (HDE) courses, HDE 100 - Apache Hadoop Essentials and HDE 110 - MapR Distribution Essentials, will be retiring!


Don't worry, you'll still be able to get your essential training from MapR Academy! In early May, these courses will be replaced by an all new curriculum: ESS 1000 – Big Data Essentials. ESS 1000 will be offered as an instructor-led training as well as free on-demand training on This new curriculum will include:


  • ESS 100 - Introduction to Big Data
  • ESS 105 - Apache Hadoop Essentials
  • ESS 110 - MapR Converged Data Platform Essentials

While you wait for these new courses, there are several things for you to do:

  • If your profile already shows a completion status for HDE courses, those do not expire. You will keep these old certificates. However, these certificates do not transfer to the new ESS courses.
  • If you want or need a Certificate of Course Completion for one or both of the HDE courses, you must complete them by April 30, 2016.
  • The new ESS curriculum will have different completion certificates from the HDE courses. Next month, you can enroll in ESS and earn these new Certificates.


Give yourself plenty of time complete the HDE courses if you want to receive a course completion certificate. The HDE courses are short and easy, you can do it! 

We're looking forward to seeing you soon in the new ESS courses!