MCHA to be replaced by MCCA

Blog Post created by gfluitt Employee on Mar 31, 2016


We're making a change to the MapR Administrator certification! The MapR Certified Hadoop Administrator (MCHA) will be will be replaced with a new certification called MapR Certified Cluster Administrator (MCCA). This new exam emphasizes the importance of the cluster administration and brings with it a substantial revision to the exam content.


The last day you can sign up to take the exam is April 27, 2014. The last date of exam administration is May 7th, 2016.


The new MCCA exam will become available for registration on April 15, and it will be live for administration of the test on April 30, 2016.


If you are currently registered for the MCHA exam in MapR Academy, but you've not yet reserved a date for your exam session, and you want to take the MCHA, you need to do that before the end of April. Reserve your test session soon. See the thread on reserving a test session for more details.


If you are registered for MCHA but you want to take the new MCCA exam, no action is necessary. Your registration for MCHA will be transferred over to MCCA for you on April 29th.


Why the change?

The content of the exam has been updated to keep up with the changes to MapR. The new exam is based on the new courses ADM 200-203 and will be branded with the 5.1 revision.


What happens to my MCHA certification?

If you have an MCHA certification, or you get one before the EOL date, you keep that. Your certification doesn't expire.


Can I upgrade my MCHA certification to MCCA?

Yes! If you are certified on MCHA, you can upgrade your certification for $100 to MCCA for a limited time. You must be already certified as an MCHA to qualify for this promotion. When MCCA becomes live on April 30 you will have access to it in MapR Academy for a cost of $100 until July 31, 2016.


What if I fail MCHA? Can I retake it after April 29th?
No. The MCHA exam will be offline completely after April 29. However, you may retake MCCA at the retake exam rate of $100.


What courses prepare me for MCCA?

The Administration courses on MapR Academy have already been updated to align with the new certification. We recommend you also take the Essentials courses.