MapR Classroom Seats in London!

Blog Post created by sferry Employee on Mar 29, 2016

This post begins with useful tips on how to justify a trip to London to take a MapR Big Data class:


  • Spark is Hawt, c'mon!
  • I live in [the Eastern US or Paris or Munich or Lund or any city in EMEA].  Flying to London is much easier than waiting for a class in my region, and much cheaper than paying for a private onsite course.
  • There are no public class seats in CA (what's up with that, MapR?). *
  • The Hive and Pig class starts May 26th and Cluster Admin class starts June 15th; I volunteer to remain in London to attend both, thus saving on airfare.

You can probably do much better than these excuses. Once justifications are approved, book travel and come to class. Below are the dates and prices. Click the links to get details on class syllabi, classroom location and to find the register button.


DateCourse Title - Link to Description and RegistrationPrice per Seat
May 31 – Jun 2

DEV 3200 - HBase Applications Design and Build


£ 1500
May 26 – May 27

DA 4500 - Data Analysis with Apache Hive & Apache Pig


£ 1000
Jun 15 – Jun 17

ADM 2000 - Hadoop Operations: Cluster Administration


£ 1500
Oct 10 - Oct 12

DEV 3600 - Developing Spark Applications


£ 1725


These classes are taught by MapR's Certified Training Services Partner, Big Data Partnership. They are experts in MapR's products and course materials, and are terrific instructors.  It's a win-win-win: Us, Them, but mostly YOU.


*  Why are there no public classroom seats at MapR Headquarters in San Jose? 

We are planning the class schedule now and will start offering classes by the seat in late summer, 2016. In the meantime, take the poll and let us know your preferences.

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