MapR Academy and Chill

Blog Post created by sferry Employee on Feb 24, 2016

It's here, the first blog post from MapR Academy in the Community to you - Student of All Things Big Data.


Gotta tell you, this Community project seemed a long way off when we launched the effort last September. Back then there was all the time in the world.  As in any big project, in the beginning everyone is friendly and excited, relaxed and confident.  


Guess what - we still are! Perhaps also a bit frazzled and tired, but like all new parents we love our new baby and think it's the best baby in the world. The newly-born MapR Academy Community space is yours to make into something great.


It's your turn to take the Community for spin - review some content, scan discussions, visits spaces and stay awhile. Chill, in fact. 

  • Check out the Academy FAQs - this is where you can figure out most any and everything about courses, registration and certifications. 
  • Dive into Course Discussions - engage with other students in a course, ask or answer course lab questions, discuss how a lesson relates to your big data implementation, ask anything directly related to a course.
  • Go to Answers -  find out stuff about technical aspects of Hadoop and Apache projects, and general topics not specific to a course.

We will be adding more features, in coming weeks and months, designed to enhance the learning experience. We want to hear from you: how would you make your community better? What features or content would help you most? Occasional office hours on a topic? A Webinar on "10 steps to certification glory?"  To stretch the metaphor to the breaking point, don't just tell us our baby is ugly! Suggest how we can make it gorgeous.


You can respond to this post with your suggestions or better yet - go to Ideas and post something amazing.


Now go exploring!


Suzanne and the MapR Academy Team