TUTORIAL: MapR Music Catalog

Blog Post created by slimbaltagi on Feb 5, 2018

The MapR Music Catalog application by Tug Grall explains the key MapR-DB features, and how to use them to build a complete Web application. Here are the steps to develop, build and run the application:

  1. Introduction
  2. MapR Music Architecture
  3. Setup your environment
  4. Import the Data Set
  5. Discover MapR-DB Shell and Apache Drill
  6. Work with MapR-DB and Java
  7. Add Indexes
  8. Create a REST API
  9. Deploy to Wildfly
  10. Build the Web Application with Angular
  11. Work with JSON Arrays
  12. Change Data Capture
  13. Add Full Text Search to the Application
  14. Build a Recommendation Engine

The source code of the MapR Music Catalog application is available in this GitHub Repository.