MapR Stanzas

Blog Post created by iandow Employee on Feb 14, 2017

In my life as a technical marketer for MapR, I have configured more MapR clusters than you can shake a stick at, so imagine my excitement when I heard that MapR installations can be automated with a new capability called MapR Stanzas.

MapR Stanzas allow you to automate the MapR installation process by specifying in a YAML config file all the options that you would have otherwise specified in the MapR installation web UI.  You can read more about MapR Stanzas at http://maprdocs.mapr.com/home/AdvancedInstallation/Stanzas/RunningSilentInstaller.html

Here's how I installed MapR in a test environment using MapR Stanzas.

  1. Download the MapR Installer:
    wget http://package.mapr.com/releases/installer/mapr-setup.sh -P /tmp
  2. Run the MapR Installer:
    sudo bash /tmp/mapr-setup.sh
  3. When it finishes, it advises you to complete the installation through a web UI (e.g., https://<hostname>:9443). Instead, complete the installation with stanzas like this:
    /opt/mapr/installer/bin/mapr-installer-cli install -u mapr:MaprRocks\!@localhost -nv -t /opt/mapr/installer/examples/ian01.yaml

I've attached my YAML to the end of this post for your reference.

What if you don't want to write the stanza YAML file by hand?  Simply install via the web UI (e.g., https://<hostname>:9443), then export a stanza file with the export command (shown below). The next time you install, you should be able to use that YAML file. For example, here's how I captured the configurations I specified for our Tech Marketing MapR cluster:

/opt/mapr/installer/bin/mapr-installer-cli export -u mapr:MaprRocks\!@localhost -n --file /opt/mapr/installer/examples/ian01.yaml

That file does not contain your ssh password, so you'll want to add "ssh_password" under the config section like this:

    ssh_password: MaprRocks!

Then validate the config file like this:

/opt/mapr/installer/bin/mapr-installer-cli check -u mapr:MaprRocks\!@localhost -n -t /opt/mapr/installer/examples/ian01.yaml

If the check succeeds, you will see no output and a return status of 0.

For your reference, I'm attaching the YAML file that I exported from my test cluster.


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