How to Create a Blog Post

Blog Post created by maprcommunity Employee on Dec 6, 2016

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


The community is a joint effort and we appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge to help others.

Before you start, please review:

Any piece of content may be removed without notification if it violates the code of conduct or contributor guidelines.


Here are the instructions for creating a blog post:


Create Your Blog Post

1) Make sure you are logged in with your account. Learn more here.

2) Go to The Exchange.

3) Click on the "Write a Blog Post."


4) Write only the final title of your blog post the first time you save. It's important to know that the initial title you choose will be part of the url. To improve your content being found by Search Engines, you must be sure to include main keywords and avoid placeholders like "draft" or "test" in the title.


5) Write a brief description of the document, as it is a required field (see example below).



6) Verify that the Location is The Exchange.


7) Add any relevant tags. Search key tags here: Converge Community Topics and Popular Tags


8) Select the category that best describes your content. Here is an example:


9) Click the "Save Draft" button. This will save the settings and allow you to edit freely. 



Edit Your Content


1) On the blog page, click  on the right top corner of the window. Click Update. 

2) Share your content with colleagues or @ mention them in a comment below to get their attention.


Submit Your Content

Once your content is saved and finalized:

- Delete all comments added to the document during the collaboration process (if any).

- Click Publish at the bottom. 


Your blog will be now submitted for moderation. 

  • Make sure the URL contains the main keywords of your document. Jive uses the first title published. If placeholders are found in your final title, we may ask you to re-post your blog to ensure maximum SEO. 
  • Moderation and review may take 1-2 weeks depending on the blog queue.
  • You may be asked to provide additional content for your blog post.
  • The blog schedule is fluid, so please understand if posting is delayed.


After Publishing

- Share your content with theCommunity Manager, who may feature your blog content across the community and social media channels.

- MapR may invite you to re-post your blog in the MapR Converge Blog, which has thousands of subscribers and is read by millions of people. 

- Make sure you come back to answer any questions.



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