Your Valuable Feedback Built a Whole New Look for the Converge Community

Blog Post created by maprcommunity Employee on May 11, 2018

Thank you so much for those of you who took the time to share your feedback in our March 2018 MapR Converge Community survey.  We learned that 25% of you access the community through the community home page, and both the Answers space and the filtered search results for unanswered questions are among the most popular areas to visit. Besides the Answers space, MapR Academy and The Exchange are two other places where you visit most often. Survey respondents expressed that the MapR Converge Community home page and space landing pages called for an improved design and a better user experience.  We took the feedback and redesigned the home page to promote products, features, and content.  We simplified the display of how information can be found and minimized the confusion on where to post information.


New Home Page Design

  • A slider showing important community announcements
  • Four most popular destinations are listed with a short description of each place
  • Simpler icons to direct attention
  • Bright red icon to guide first-time visitors


New MapR Academy Page Layout

  • A banner showcases the latest course information or major announcements on top
  • Simpler icons to direct attention
  • More focus on course discussions


New The Exchange Page Layout

  • Three calls of actions to select on top of the page
  • Emphasis on searching by content type to find information
  • Elimination of an Overview page with a new emphasis on actions that need to be taken 


We hope you can find information easier in the community with these changes and enjoy the new navigation.  Please send us any questions you may have, or reach out to the Community Manager with your feedback.  Remember that your feedback helps to build up your Converge Community!