Announcing: New Product and Services Pages

Blog Post created by aalvarez on Feb 6, 2017

You talked; we listened. We redesigned the Products and Services Space to help you find relevant product-and-services-specific information quickly and easily.  This blog covers how the new pages help you, which product pages are available, where you can find the product pages and how you can help us continue to improve. 


How do the new product pages help you?





As the example of MapR-DB shows on the left, all product-and-services-related content now automatically displays in a single space. You 
do not have to search or follow any tags, just bookmark the space and find the most updated information, including:


- Related demos & tutorials shared in The Exchange

- Recently answered questions in  Answers

- Related Knowledge Articles

- MapR Documentation links

- MapR Academy related courses

- Upcoming community events

- Special badges & rewards


Check them now and don't forget to collect your Explorer Badges! 



Which product pages are available today?

Today, we are announcing the following pages, with the following hierarchy:

Products and Services



Where can you find these product pages?

Click Products and Services on the "Quick Links" Menu:


And click the image of the product you wish to explore:

How can you help make this better?

- Always add relevant tags shared in Converge Community Topics and Popular Tags, as these are the source of all the content. 

- Share your feedback by leaving a comment below.