Converge Community Roundup - April 14, 2016

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We define community broadly at MapR. Our community is not only connecting in the new Converge Community but also at Meetups, events, on social media, in the MapR Blog, and in other online forums. Each week we publish a roundup of new and popular content from various sources that will help you put data technology to work.


What helped you put data technology to work this week?

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Open Source and Data Resources


What resources have helped you this week? Share by making a comment below.


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Release Announcements


How to get notified of release, product and patch announcements


Questions that Need Answers -- Share your Expertise

Help a fellow developer, admin or data analyst out by answering one of these questions!


How to find questions that need answers -- help a peer out!


Drill Best Practices

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MapR Academy


Upcoming Meetups


Is your Meetup missing? We welcome you to contribute to the Meetups and Events space!


Share Your Smile

When you post in the community your avatar appears next to your activity. We encourage you to upload a photo avatar -- it helps make this feel like a community.

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1. Go to the upper right corner of the community where your current avatar appears next to the Create drop down. Click on the arrow.

2. Select Edit Profile > Avatar and Photos. 

3. Scroll to bottom of the page and click on Add another avatar.

4. Upload a photo.




Learn more about creating a great profile: Create your MapR Community profile and update privacy settings


Join the Conversation

Since the launch of the Converge Community on March 7th, 2,144 people from 78 countries have joined and are connecting directly with each other to solve problems and answer questions together.


Join by April 30 to get the 1st badge.


We know you have much to share. The community needs your questions, answers and ideas, so login to create a community account. Tips for Getting Started in the Converge Community




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