Accesing MapRDB table from Tableau

Blog Post created by prakhar Employee on Mar 31, 2017

Whenever we connect to MapRDB table from Tableau we need to make sure of following points


1. Tableau will always connect to HS2 using SASL for both secure and unsecured cluster.

2.HS2 service is running by X user with impersonation enabled .

3. If we use NOSASL , tableau will not understand this authentication and it will hit MapRDB with X user only irrespective of any user. To make this setup work you can provide read permission to X user on MapRDB table, as a workaround it will work. But in this case impersonation will not work even if you enable it.


4.For impersonation to be working fine we need to give PAM authentication in hive-site.xml and also read permission to the user/group on MapRDB table for successful connection.


Below are the property to set


  <description>Set this property to enable impersonation in Hive Server 2</description>