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Hi, I'm using MapRSandBox 5.2 on Microsoft Azure  and I create a CentOs VM I need to use it as a mapr gateway.   Please if there is any tutorial Step by step, cause I tried so many things but no success:   I already Installed all this packages and change the mapr-clusters.config ... yum -y install mapr-core.x86_64

Hi Is there any way to access MAPRDB without using maprClient through jdbc or any other possible way? have a limitation of installing the client so want to explore ways thorough which this can be done.
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Just to preface this... this is what happens when I make an 8 shot espresso iced latte and I have some free time on my hands... ;-)   I was curious about MapR File System locks. Since the FS is posix compliant, I was wondering what would happen if I held a file lock on a file or set of files in one app, while someone was attempting to run a
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I have more than one topic and I a consumer per topic trying to consume (a.k.a poll records) from their respective queues. I am doing a sequential polling where in I poll from one topic, do a commitSync and then try to poll from the next topic etc.. I am using a poll timeout of "0". After first iteration, the next poll hangs
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Hi guys, I'm using MapR installer to reinstall the platform on my 3-node cluster. For uninstall, I follow the link there: Uninstalling MapR - MapR 5.0 Documentation - Then I start over to reinstall the cluster. I got stuck in the step of verifying nodes. The progress bar on the top never moves. Seems like verifying forever.  
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Hello,   Sorry for long post, thanks in advance for any answers and suggestions.   We are planning to ingest and provide data in geographically remote locations (Europe, Asia, America). Our primary requirements are: 1. part of the data is "geographically locked" and cannot be stored/processed outside of reception location 2. part of