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Hi, is there any way for an end user application to query the CLDB?   The ultimate goal is to get an idea or vision of what is active in the CLDB (inode map for lack of a better term) Trying to determine if I can query the CLDB to find a specific file and it's blocks.   Any documentation on this?   Is MapR using ZK to help

0down votefavorite     I have written a service which is deployed on Tomcat .the service is to read the hbase the hbase table to get certain value . The hbase configuration code is : public static Configuration getConf(){    System.out.println("Inside configuration");    Configuration conf;   conf =
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The Hadoop common version has been updated since the DEV 301 lab guide was originally written.  Because of this, some of the lab exercises are no longer working as written with the latest MapR Sandbox.  To ensure the best experience with our on-demand training courses, we have temporarily removed the DEV 301 lab guide until it can be
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Running a four (4) node cluster with spark on yarn and the spark UI fail to load with the following. You can see the jobs running from resource manager HTTP ERROR 500Problem accessing /proxy/application_XXXXXXXX. Reason:     Cannot assign requested address MCS shows all services running. This is a M3 Cluster with Spark 1.6.1. Do
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With CSV data like: id date array 1, 2016-01-01, "{1,2,3}" 2, 2016-01-02, "{4,5,6}"   I would like to "flatten" the data on the "array" column like so: id date element 1, 2016-01-01, 1 1, 2016-01-01, 2 1, 2016-01-01, 3 2, 2016-01-02, 4 2, 2016-01-02, 5 2, 2016-01-02, 6   This would enable me to load the data into Parquet files
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Hello,   I am preparing for MCHD and have gone through the DEV 301. Can any one confirm that understanding of the topics mentioned in DEV 301 training is enough or questions related with other topics like sqoop, hive,pig or zookeeper can also come in the exam. Please give an idea/example or sample test to better understand the level of
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Log into the MapR Community to add to course discussions. Connect with and learn from other students as well as MapR subject matter experts.   Course Discussions Essentials (ESS 100) Lesson 1 – Describe your big data problem Essentials (ESS 102) Lesson 6 – What features are important for your big data projects?   Find