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Hello,   I am currently looking into installing the MAPR version of Hue on RedHat 7.   After going over the documentation, it seems the typical method is to simply use yum. However, my yum repository did not find the package   Is it possible to either add the correct repository to yum, or to install without yum (such as wget)?

Hi Community,    It seems like the website has some bugs, after my cluster trial license had been expired. I cannot register my cluster to community edition, Here are some screenshots.   First, you can see here that my license is expired Then lets register again (since IDK where is the delete button)   Then after
Filter by Answers and Ideas
I enabled wire-level security to my MapR cluster and created a user in cluster. I have generated MapR user ticket in MapR client for an same user as in cluster using "maprlogin password" utility to access cluster from client. Using "maprlogin end/logout" we can remove the ticket and stop same user from accessing cluster. But if we already have a