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Announcement 1 Ask Us Anything - Spyglass Initiative and MapR 5.2

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Query Tuning and Performance > Query Planning   why are my queries not utilizing the level of parallelism that I would expect?   See all drill best practice FAQs.

When we load data from Mysql to Hbase using Sqoop,   example : sudo sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://mysql_server/mysql_table --table mysql_table_name --hbase-table hbase_table_name --hbase-row-key mysql_column --column-family metadata --hbase-create-table --username root -P.   We ran above command two times to create two column
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I am using hive to create external table with partition on amazon S3 bucket. when I running "select * from t1p where year=2016 and month=08 and day=06 and hour=00"   I didn't get any result so I run this command: hive> MSCK REPAIR TABLE t1p; The command is running few minutes and exit with this error: FAILED: Execution Error, return
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I have followed the guideline to install MapR OpenTSDB: GitHub - mapr-demos/opentsdb-maprdb-install: Post installation scripts to setup OpenTSDB on MapR-DB I got an exception running the test at Step7 (tsdb import test_data --auto-metric): Caused by: org.hbase.async.TableNotFoundException: "/user/mapr/tsdb"
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The Hadoop common version has been updated since the DEV 301 lab guide was originally written.  Because of this, some of the lab exercises are no longer working as written with the latest MapR Sandbox.  To ensure the best experience with our on-demand training courses, we have temporarily removed the DEV 301 lab guide until it can be