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I have a large set of data, split over hundreds of files, that I am copying over to my cluster vis ssh. I have 9 nodes, all but one setup as data nodes and the remaining node (hadoop-node2) has most of the MapR processes running on it. On hadoop-node2 I run hadoop dfs -mkdir /data and then copy over my data via  ssh

Hi ,   Is there  a possibility of Mapr-Hive and Apache Hive are in sync. what are the time lines or the scope of mapr-hive are in sync with new releases of apache hive. I believe we are way beyond apache-hive even though few back porting of bugs are happening to current release of hive.   Thanks, Bharath
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Deependra singh
I am using C APIs – libMapRClient.   I am trying to doing more than 15 (will change) GET operations at a time but getting only 10 callbacks. In callback method of get operation I am doing time consuming operation which will again do PUT operation. If getCallback method will hold all the 10 callback threads then put operation will not
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Event-Driven Microservices Event-driven microservices on the MapR Converged Data Platform can act on both current and historical data. Combining file, database, and streaming services with an underlying publish-and-subscribe framework, information from recent events is integrated with deep insights from accumulated data.