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Announcement 1 Ask Us Anything - Spyglass Initiative and MapR 5.2

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More questions as I'm thinking through this.   Is there any impact if I use more than one async hbase client within my application (maybe a separate client per table?). Since I cannot see what happens in the JNI layer its not possible to determine the impact of using multiple clients.

Hello,     We are using mapr5 distribution. Currently running spark 1.5.2 and hive 1.2.0 in our cluster. We are able to run spark sql jobs in yarn-client mode. But when we submit jobs in yarn-cluster mode driver(which is in AM) is not able to connect to hive metastore.   We are seeing the following logs in the Application
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I am using hive to create external table with partition on amazon S3 bucket. when I running "select * from t1p where year=2016 and month=08 and day=06 and hour=00"   I didn't get any result so I run this command: hive> MSCK REPAIR TABLE t1p; The command is running few minutes and exit with this error: FAILED: Execution Error, return
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I have followed the guideline to install MapR OpenTSDB: GitHub - mapr-demos/opentsdb-maprdb-install: Post installation scripts to setup OpenTSDB on MapR-DB I got an exception running the test at Step7 (tsdb import test_data --auto-metric): Caused by: org.hbase.async.TableNotFoundException: "/user/mapr/tsdb"