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After rename the Table in Hive getting the org.apache.spark.sql.AnalysisException: Path does not exist: maprfs:/user/hive/warehouse/adult.   Code snippet: var df ="com.databricks.spark.csv").option("header", "true").load("/root/adult.csv") df.write().mode("overwrite").saveAsTable("order"); spark.sql("drop table

I can see the data in df as a tabular format and it looks good. But when I save the df(dataframe) to mapr db, only one column is getting saved and remaining columns are missing. I am unable to find the root cause of this issue. Thanks for the help val ssc = new StreamingContext(spark.sparkContext, Seconds(10)) val cassandraRDD =
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I am trying to use node based labeling with spark applications. I have added the label entry in the yarn.node.labels.file. However, when I use the "spark.yarn.executor.nodeLabelExpression=<label>" property with spark submit, it does not spin up executors on the labelled node only, but on all the available nodes in the cluster. In verbose
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Mapr version - 6.0.1 MEP - 5.0.0   Hi team, We recently configured a 5 node MapR cluster. 2 out of 3 CLDB services are up and running. We observe in the MCS UI, the Disk utilization is gradually increasing it has gone up to 50% in 2 days, currently there is no data being pushed to the cluster but still the disk utilization is going up. Can
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Hi, I have few questions related to MapR partner trainings, sent few emails to; ;    so far I haven't received any response. Are these corrct partner training contacts? are they changed
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This may seem like a silly question but ...   I just upgraded cluster to 6.0.1 ... Everything seems to have gone ok, yet on the first page of the MCS, I see a red button which says 'Register Now'.   Not sure why I have this because the single node, community edition, is 'registered' in that I have a license key from MapR.   So