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Announcement 1 Ask Us Anything MEP 2.0

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Hi,   I am trying to understand the benefits of fan-out design pattern. In the below blog, it is mentioned that "there is overhead associated with categorizing streams into topics, and producer throughput is sensitive to that overhead" Kafka vs. MapR Streams: Why MapR? | MapR    Can someone explain what is the overhead mentioned

I am working on Mule ESB to Mapr integration, using MapR Streams concept. we are facing one issue like when i try to send data from Mule ESB ,getting below exception " com.mapr.streams.impl.producer.MarlinProducerImpl - Cannot send message, got an error while fetching number of partitions
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MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP) 2.0 was announced in December (Announcing: MEP 2.0 Released).  We expect you have questions about the new capabilities, and we're here to answer them. Over the week of January 23-27, 2017, we are hosting "Ask Us Anything," focusing on MEP 2.0's new capabilities.   Engage directly with experts in this
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I have completed my MCHD certification on 21st Jan 2017, exam was hosted by Psi Innovation Exams, The cut off shown was 70% and I have got more than that. I am waiting on any mail from Mapr regarding my certificate, On my Mapr Account it still shows up not completed, Anyone has any idea what's wrong?mchd certification
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Scan the discussions listed here to get answers to common questions.   Course-related questions: How do I register for a course? How do I get private training from MapR at my workplace? MapR cancelled my class - Now what? What is the cancellation policy for Instructor-Led and Virtual Instructor-led training? I typed the wrong email
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Log into the MapR Community to add to course discussions. Connect with and learn from other students as well as MapR subject matter experts.   Course Discussions Essentials (ESS 100) Lesson 1 – Describe your big data problem Essentials (ESS 102) Lesson 6 – What features are important for your big data projects?   Find