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I have an i5 with 8 Gb RAM and 20 GB free space on the host. I have tried various network adapter settings like NAT, Host-only, Bridged etc but the services are still not starting. I have tried look at the logs given in the /opt/mapr/logs directory but I dont have access to most of the files over there. I could not make any thing of the output of

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hi.. i want to access hbase table from hadoop mapreduce....i m using windowsXP and cygwin i m using hadoop-0.20.2 and hbase-0.92.0 hadoop cluster is working fine....i am able to run mapreduce wordcount successfully on 3 pc's hbase is also working .....i can cerate table from shell i have tried many examples but they are not working....when i try
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Hi all,   We have a three-node MapR cluster (ver 5.1). When restarting the cluster node-by-node, a weird issue happens which is the zookeeper service in a node couldn't start with the errors: $service mapr-zookeeper status JMX enabled by default Using config: /opt/mapr/zookeeper/zookeeper-3.4.5/conf/zoo.cfg
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