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Heyya,   I am required to be able to connect to an instance of SQL Server Using Apache Drill. I followed the steps that illustrates how its done using "RDBMS Storage Plugin - Apache Drill " and used the following configuration settings: { "type": "jdbc", "driver": "", "url":

I am using MapR Sandbox with Apache Drill, I need to access to query CSV Files raw data that resides on a FTP server. are there any way to do that?
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When I run the maprcli disk list -host or maprcli disk list -host my.hostname  I get the error "Check if hostname is valid and up"  I can ping to is, ssh to it and jobs are running on it.  I can restart the hoststats service via the maprcli command.  When I do this process on the node locally - I get the same
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Hi MapR Team,   I would like to build a script that can track the change of usage over time in my volume, with granularity down to the directories.   I know that I can execute `du -sh /hdfs/app/myvolume/mydirectory`. However, this incorrectly assumes that a MapR Table inside of that directory is 512 bytes. I know that I can also
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The Hadoop common version has been updated since the DEV 301 lab guide was originally written.  Because of this, some of the lab exercises are no longer working as written with the latest MapR Sandbox.  To ensure the best experience with our on-demand training courses, we have temporarily removed the DEV 301 lab guide until it can be