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We are getting below error when we run count on DF. It happens very rendomly. Please let me know if its a bug ?   2016-09-30 01:59:21,6788 ERROR Client fs/client/fileclient/cc/ Thread: 48280 Open failed for file .... , LookupFid error No such file or directory(2) 2016-09-30 01:59:21,6788 ERROR JniCommon

Hi, I am getting unexpected output while selecting DATE & TIMESTAMP data type columns from PARQUET file in DRILL. But while selecting the same record from HIVE table getting expected output.(From HIVE console & DRILL console) I am not able to find root cause of the issue.Experts please share your experience on the same. Thanks
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Log into the MapR Community to add to course discussions. Connect with and learn from other students as well as MapR subject matter experts.   Course Discussions DEV 320 - HBase Data Model  Lesson 1 – Are you already using HBase? DEV 325 HBase Schema Design Lesson 5 – HBase complex data structures   DEV 330 Developing
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Hello MapR,     Question reg Grafana and Kibana.  1: Can we create an user-defined dashborad in Grafana & Kibana ? If yes can you share how to do that ? 2: Why are we using 3rd party tools for monitoring purpose? Don't we have anything from Mapr like Cloudera Manager? 3: OpenTSB will that be useful in long run. I mean..