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We got into a situation where NFS access that created files on a volume errored out: "No space left on device"   Root cause was eventually found: a storage pool on one node was full. I put the node in /decommissioned but the SP remained stuck at 100%. I ultimately trashed and re-created the SP as the node was begging for a larger stripe

I'm attempting to set up ssh port forwarding to our MapR development cluster without any luck.  I have forwarding set up for ports 7222 and 2222 to the cluster (to a server running CLDB).  But when I try a maprdb "exists" query I get these errors:   2017-02-17 16:05:06,8112 ERROR Cidcache fs/client/fileclient/cc/
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Getting below erorr when I am trying to run Rumen which is required for YARN SLS. java -cp “hadoop/*:hadoop/lib/*:hadoop-hdfs/*:hadoop-yarn/*:hadoop-mapreduce/*† /home/admin/nmakb/job-trace.json /home/admin/nmakb/topology.output hdfs://user/history/done 2015-03-24
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The Converge Community is a community of peers who help each other put data technology to work. One of the Code of Conduct guidelines is Give and Take. Building a strong community requires that we all do our part. If someone helped you when you first joined the community, pay it forward by answering questions, marking answers as correct, linking
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The Hadoop common version has been updated since the DEV 301 lab guide was originally written.  Because of this, some of the lab exercises are no longer working as written with the latest MapR Sandbox.  To ensure the best experience with our on-demand training courses, we have temporarily removed the DEV 301 lab guide until it can be
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Hi,   Do you have a Roadmap / ETA on when Spark 2.0.0, 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 will be available in the MapR distribution? As Spark 2.0.0 was released back in July, I'd expect it to be ready in MapR soon, but I don't have any visibility on the timelines, so I'd appreciate it if the MapR team can share it with us. I know Spark 2.0 Developer
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Hello, I was wondering if anyone on the forum has successfully used [Docker]( on a host that is also running the MapR suite, including maprfs? We installed Docker recently on our MapR cluster, and have found that the MapR filesystem volumes become unresponsive and CLDB has trouble communicating. To correct the issue, we