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Hello Community Manager   I am trying to list all Columns for a certain Column Family inside Hbase table   What is the best approach to perform this using Hbase Shell or Hbase Hfile     hbase(main):003:0* version 0.94.21-mapr-1409, r4ed3fd0a040d42989a5d280354ed900dc81c30b0, Mon Sep 29 11:26:02 PDT 2014  

Hi, I have configured custom authentication in dill and modified the drill-override.conf file according to the documentation mentioned in below link. my authentication jar is working fine. but after modifying the drill-override.conf the Storage, Threads, Logs tab in drill web UI is not
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Hi Team   I'm planning to pass "MCSD - MapR Certified Spark Developer" and I have following questions for which I can't find answers on the MapR web site: 1. What is the version of Spark used in the exam? Are there any plans to change Spark version (e.g. 2.0) in the nearest future? 2. Can I use my IDE (e.g. IntelliJ Idea) during the exam?
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I would like to find out if there is a plan to update the MCSD course and certification with Apache Spark 2.0. How this would affect those who have purchased the exam in February? Should we wait for the new version update, or just take the exam by August?   Also, if there is an update, is it possible to provide the diff? I have printed the