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Announcement 1 "Ask Us Anything" Session on MapR 6.0, January 22-26, 201

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Trying to use streamsets to create a pipeline from a maprFS origin to a mapr stream destination, but getting an error that seems to indicate that the stream can't be found. The error reads: Error getting metadata for topic '/path/to/my/stream/mytopic' from MapR Streams. Reason: org.apache.kafka.common.errors.UnknownTopicOrPartitionException: could

Hi,  Can someone help me regarding this error? I just installed MapR6 on AWS EC2 on CentOS 7. At first, it was ok but suddenly, Resource manager can't be started due to a corrupted file in hdfs which is /var/mapr/cluster/yarn/rm/system/FSRMStateRoot/RMAppRoot/application_1516194338077_0016/application_1516194338077_0016. I have
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Hello, I have another one problem with MapR. Trying to mount cluster to another linux machine like in manual I've got error: "mount.nfs: Connection timed out." On nfs server machine showmount -e gives: /mapr and /mapr/ Also, on nfs server machine
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Hello,   I have a question, where I am working on a scenario in which I am trying to move JSON data from origin to destination MapR-DB. And I have seen data is read in JSON format in MapR-DB. Is there a way to covert that JSON data in Mapr-DB in to Parquet file format.   Thanks 
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On our five node MapR cluster we are trying to run a query through Drill-on-Yarn. However the query is causing drillbits to crash with the error: Container [pid=38406,containerID=container_e51_1510839882429_0001_01_000006] is running beyond physical memory limits. Current usage: 30.1 GB of 30 GB physical memory used; 57.5 GB of 63.0 GB virtual
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I'm starting a spark shell on a MapR 5.2.0 client with Spark 2.1.0 and I'm getting some strange errors I haven't seen on other versions. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.webproxy.amfilter.AmIpFilter ... (lots of similar garbage) Caused by: javax.servlet.UnavailableException:
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I came across this PR published today June 1st 2017 MapR Optimizes MapR-DB with Deep Apache Spark Integrations.   These are a couple highlights:  The Native Spark Connector now includes support for data frames and dataset APIs for tight integration between Apache Spark and MapR-DB.  HBase and MapR-DB binary tables can be
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I'm in the middle of a rolling upgrade from 5.2.x to 6.0, and at this point have updated one of the two webserver nodes in the cluster. Before I proceed with the other, I wanted to switch to the new web MCS so that I still have web access while I finish the upgrade. The apiserver service is running, and when I point my browser to the URL, I get