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Announcement 1 Ask Us Anything - Spyglass Initiative and MapR 5.2

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Hao Zhu
Goal: This is a quick-start for Kafka connecting to Spark streaming on MapR cluster. Note: This is just to illustrate the scenario that Spark Streaming's source is coming from Kafka. But Kafka itself is not officially supported by MapR. Env: MapR 5.1 with below packages installed: mapr-kafka-

I'm getting the following error while trying to start Drill 1.7.   Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:/tmp/ failed to mapsegment from shared object: Operation not permitted   The mount permissions on
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I am using hive to create external table with partition on amazon S3 bucket. when I running "select * from t1p where year=2016 and month=08 and day=06 and hour=00"   I didn't get any result so I run this command: hive> MSCK REPAIR TABLE t1p; The command is running few minutes and exit with this error: FAILED: Execution Error, return
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I've tried upgrading mapr-spark in a copy of the 5.1.0 GA sandbox to the 2016/07 release. I updated mapr-kafka to the corresponding 2016/07 update as well, per the Spark 1.6.1-1607 Release Notes   [root@maprdemo ~]# rpm -qa | egrep 'spark|kafka' mapr-spark- mapr-kafka-