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Simple question: Where do we find the resource manager and resource scheduler addresses?   I have looked for a yarn-default.xml in our box where mapr is installed with no results.   I found yarn-site.xml and it doesn't seem to have it inside of it either. I am trying to configure a Provider using Hunk (splunk) so it can work with

Currently running Community 5.2.2, after bungling and upgrade from 5.2.0 to 6.0.1. Back running again, but my NFS server is telling me:   fs/nfsd/ exiting: No license to run NFS server in servermode   I have tried cp /opt/mapr/ /opt/mapr/conf/ and restart of all nodes, but no change. There is no
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Hi, thanks for to all for the time in read my question.   I have some problems to understand how mapr manage the data governance and his proposal for this. Can some one help me to understand this topic and wich tools Mapr use to get thigs like "linage, audit, data catalog, data linage, etc"?.   Thanks. B.R   Martin
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I am trying to create a table in Hbase using as a Spark Dataframe. (from a spark Data frame). The simplified code I am trying is this.   import org.apache.spark.sql.datasources.hbase.HBaseTableCatalog;   #Create a Data frame with two columns and two rows. val df =sc.parallelize(Seq(("1","a"),("2","b"))).toDF(Seq("col1","col2"):