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When running kafka spark streaming application on Mapr 6.0.1 we are getting the below error.  The subscribe method in createDirectStream takes a list but the underlying client subscribe method is expecting a collection. I am using the latest jar dependencies.   <groupId>org.apache.spark</groupId>

We are trying to fetch data from table in SAP HANA using JDBC Query Consumer in Streamsets, but we are only able to fetch 1000 records (with Maximum Pool Size in Advanced tab in JDBC Query Consumer set to 1) though there are more than 5 million records in source table. Streamsets version Configuration in Streamsets for
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Hi,   We have MapR 5.2.1 installed in 20 odd different customer sites. Since the effect of GDPR, we are in the process of enabling security at mapr layer and looking at other vulnerabilities within our product. During that course we found that we have been creating 'mapr' user for which sudo permission is being provided during installation