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Hi,   We are evaluating MapR 6.0 and one of the main bottlenecks seems to be requirement of Java 1.8 for 1.11 Drill JDBC Client.   According to this reference, to use MapR 6.0 we need MEP 4.0.0. And this link suggests we would require Drill 1.11 along with it. To take advantage of new encrypted communication between

Currently, we are using mapr client 5.2.2(on our machine) to push data into MapR stream on 5.2.2 MapR server. We are planning to upgrade MapR server from 5.2.2 to 6.0.0. Do we have to upgrade mapr client to 6.0.0 on our machine?   We are avoiding this upgrade because of the dependency of MapR 6.0.0 client on java 8. We tried pushing data
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Hi, I have an older application that uses the hdfs protocol, e.g. hdfs://namenode:port convention and MapR just uses maprfs:/// . Since it is a 3rd party application and I do not have the source code, how would I be able to use the hdfs protocol to access to MapR?
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Hello, I am a beginner in Mapr and try to set up a cluster with 2 nodes, but there are some problems when installing Mapr 5.0 with the service MapReduce and YARN via the installer. Starting with the problem that a version of commons-collection is required during the installation, which was not provided by mapr-setup. sh.   Installation