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Hi,  Can someone help me regarding this error? I just installed MapR6 on AWS EC2 on CentOS 7. At first, it was ok but suddenly, Resource manager can't be started due to a corrupted file in hdfs which is /var/mapr/cluster/yarn/rm/system/FSRMStateRoot/RMAppRoot/application_1516194338077_0016/application_1516194338077_0016. I have

Trying to convert a table stored on MaprFS as .parquet to .tsv format using sqllineconnected to drill. The drill query I am using to convert and store the table is: alter session set `store.format`='tsv'; create table dfs.tmp.`mytable_export` as select      
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Hello,   I have a question, where I am working on a scenario in which I am trying to move JSON data from origin to destination MapR-DB. And I have seen data is read in JSON format in MapR-DB. Is there a way to covert that JSON data in Mapr-DB in to Parquet file format.   Thanks 
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Log into the MapR Community to add to course discussions. Connect with and learn from other students as well as MapR subject matter experts.   Course Discussions Essentials (ESS 100) Lesson 1 – Describe your big data problem Essentials (ESS 102) Lesson 6 – How will you use the MapR Converged Data Platform?  Essentials (ESS
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Anyone run in to some of the following errors?   My configuration: Intel NUC (skull candy) 32GB RAM Centos 7.x MapR 6.0 Community Ed.   I just did a complete clean install...  erased and deleted mySQL database, along w software. (rm /var/lib/mysql ) Uninstalled MapR and removed /opt/mapr   Did a complete re-install.
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I'm in the middle of a rolling upgrade from 5.2.x to 6.0, and at this point have updated one of the two webserver nodes in the cluster. Before I proceed with the other, I wanted to switch to the new web MCS so that I still have web access while I finish the upgrade. The apiserver service is running, and when I point my browser to the URL, I get
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Hi Team,   I am building new 5 node cluster with RHEL-7.4 and MapR-6.0 Community edition, but the installation failed with 2 errors,    the node which is meant for the hive services, failed with "MODULE ERROR". i have tried with "install shared mysql server" and pre-installed as mysql server as well.   and the rest of 4
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On our five node MapR cluster we are trying to run a query through Drill-on-Yarn. However the query is causing drillbits to crash with the error: Container [pid=38406,containerID=container_e51_1510839882429_0001_01_000006] is running beyond physical memory limits. Current usage: 30.1 GB of 30 GB physical memory used; 57.5 GB of 63.0 GB virtual