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Hello Community Member, I am reading data 10 GB from S3 Bucket in JSON form, reading another source from parquet (2 GB), reading MongoDB Collection as a 1 GB and doing Join Transformation and storing to parquet again, after successful completion of all stages at Spark UI, spark shell shows below error stack.   Note: I am using 16v Core -

I am trying to deploy MapR V 5.2.0 - Converged Enterprise Edition (with Trial License) in Red Hat 7.2. I am running into issues... Below is my installer log from the webconsole.   2016-10-21 18:27:47.438: launched python script with pid 26336  2016-10-21 18:27:47.970: * 18:27:47 Validating
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Hi ,   I am able to connect to the mapr server from my client and run commands like hadoop fs -ls /.   However when I get an exception while connecting to port 7222 through my java app. I am able to telnet to this port. Pl help..   2016-10-12 12:46:31,428 [sendParams-0] DEBUG [hadoop.ipc.Client]  - IPC Client (47) connection
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Hello,   We are using MapRFS POSIX client (nfsserver on the client node). When doing a single ls on a big folder which contains tens of thousands of files, the loopbacknfs server is busy and has a high CPU usage:   > time ls -U BigFolder/ | wc -l 54042 real 0m6.299s user 0m0.020s sys 0m0.200s   > top PID USER PR NI VIRT