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Hi,   I'm trying to install the MapR packages into my StreamSets Docker container.  I have all of the prerequisites installed in an opt/mapr volume.  I install the MapR packages in the StreamSets UI.  However, when I restart the container after installation the packages appear to not be installed. I am using the MapR developer
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We recently upgraded our cluster to 6.0.1 / MEP 5.0.0 and are trying to modernize storage of our primary datasets. One of these is Netflow data, which is stored in a MapR-DB JSON table. (Bad choice??) I'm able to do very crude searches using mapr dbshell, but previously used Impala. All indications are that the cool kids are all using Drill;
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Looking at some discussions of Cask CDAP installation for MapR (Google Groups), there is a thread saying that  CDAP doesn't support running with MapR DB. CDAP supports MapR but only when running with HBase. MapR dropped support for HBase in MapR 6.0. To work around this we install and run HBase. and as clarification on