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I couldn't find an answer to this; though it's hard to think it hasn't been asked before.   If I have a very large batch get pulled into spark streaming (I know, that's bad in a perfect world), then spark still keeps scheduling a new batch every 15 seconds.   Eventually, I can end up with like 500 "pending" batches.   Is there a

Hi Mathieu Dumoulin I've already installed and configurated, haproxy, mapr-fs; Everything works fine. Now I want to configurate spark on the gatewar machine to lunch jobs on yarn cluster Actually I need this configuation, because jupyter is installed on the gateway.   Technologies: -MapRSandBox 5.2 on Microsoft AZURE -Gateway
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I am trying to use Spark Streaming with MapR Streams. Streaming application is enable checkoonting. I can execute Streaming application,but not restore from checkpoint with following exception. org.apache.kafka.common.errors.UnknownTopicOrPartitionException :No such file or directory (2) Could not seek.   And I found the following
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Hi, most pacc examples shows running docker run with -it  (interactive and tty) option and it's running fine. But when I start using with -d (detached) option, the constrained always exited when I do a docker ps -a.   Anyone knows the reason? Thanks
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I've advanced to another issue. Now m MapR is up and running. But the drillbit service is not running. When i check in the logs, I saw the following issue.   2017-07-25 10:01:34,594 [main] ERROR o.apache.drill.exec.server.Drillbit - Failure during initial startup of Drillbit. org.apache.drill.exec.exception.DrillbitStartupException: Drillbit
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Hi I've installed latest standalone MAPR instance in my VM. During initial installation I didnt install Hive. Couple of days back I've installed hive based on the instruction provided in the link. Installing Hive - MapR 5.0 Documentation -  I've installed mapr-hive,mapr-hiveserver2 and mapr-hivemetastore   I'm