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Hello to all,   I have imported data from Oracle using sqoop. Now I am running a jar on the part files created by sqoop to apply some conversions on the data. After that I am loading that data into a temporary table. Also my data is inconsistent.. means there are lots of rows in which for one or two fields are null. So when I load the data

Using structured streaming I want to read Kafka topic and write it to console, my topics has more than 400 fields and it's throwing an error
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I'm using MapR 6.0 with Spark 2.1.  My Spark Streaming application uses Kafa Client API's to read from MapR Streams topic. If I create a new topic in MapR Streams and then start an Spark streaming application to read data from the MapRStreams topic I see the below error, on the other hand if I put some data in the MapR Streams topic and then