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Is it ok to use a 120 GB ssd for all this partitions? since /opt needs 128GB and /tmp needs 10GB it shows warning on the installation part. But what are the consequences of this if we continue.    PS: OS filesystem also sits on this 120 GB

MapR-ES provides out of the box integration with Apache Link for stream processing. Is there any code to show how Apache Flink and MapR-ES are integrated? 
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Hi, We are using Apache Drill 1.10 version running in a machine with 24 core CPU, 60GB RAM. Even though we are not querying any data, all cpu resources are being used by drill process. When we restart drill, CPU usage decreases to normal values. However, after querying, CPU usage increases and after this it never decreases. Htop screenshot is
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Hey everyone,   I'm running two queries against parquet files in Drill.     The first file literally only has data for 1 host (1,440 rows).  The second file has data for 40,000 hosts (57,600,000 rows).  For some reason both take the same time to return results here (~2 seconds).   The files: Have 325 metric
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I'm writing the same row to MapR-DB repetitively, and while a select * from <table> yields just one row, the MCS user interface keeps showing both the table size and row count increasing (both overall, and in the regions tab).   The column family is set to max-versions = 1 (I can see it, and I think it's the default anyway).  
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I am using following dockerfile. When I start the container in interactive mode i.e, docker run -it --cap-add SYS_ADMIN --cap-add SYS_RESOURCE --device /dev/fuse -e MAPR_CLUSTER=cluster1 -e MAPR_CLDB_HOSTS= -e MAPR_CONTAINER_USER=mapr -e MAPR_MOUNT_PATH=/mapr sumo/demo:0.1.0I cannot terminate interactive shell with Ctrl-C I was