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Hi, I was trying to start phoenix (phoenix-4.9.0-HBase-1.1) query server, but getting below error: PQS was trying to use port 2181 whereas in MapR 5181 is used for zookeeper. How can we resolve the issue, please suggest?   atcher=hconnection-0x528236e0x0, quorum=localhost:2181, baseZNode=/hbase 2016-08-17 21:41:37,098 INFO
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Author: Mufeed Usman   Original Publication Date: April 14, 2015   Scenario: On executing a map reduce a lot of mappers seem to get scheduled on data nodes where the data is not local. Goal: To increase the percentage of task execution on nodes with data locality.   Solution: The 'mapred.fairscheduler.locality.delay' (value is
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Many thanks for the "quick installer" and the recent updates<br> Ensuring all the packages necessary are pre-installed<br> Ensuring that the disk(s) are available and can be correctly mounted etc<br> Else, for failures at disk set-up the script was not re-runnable<br> **But what's happening here? Pls find the error and the